Come play in the Sandbox!

Looking for the perfect venue for a sewing, or group retreat, special party?

The Sandbox is your answer. It is 1000 sq. ft. of space we can customize to your needs. Furnished studio kitchen with microwave, sink, refrigerator, and wheelchair accessible restroom.

A small wedding reception can be arranged. A large family meal at your reunion. A business retreat. A crafting event is well suited with display walls for hanging your work, individual tables and ergonomic chairs for your health, excellent lighting and plenty of power, work tables and of course, plastic sand buckets for your trash! Recycling is onsite.

Group rates and events

If you are planning a group event or retreat, please contact our booking manager.  We would like to hear the details of your event so that we can help you plan the most memorable and amazing experience for you and your guests.

Who uses the "Sandbox?"

Quilters, scrapbookers, crafters, painters, poetry readers, birthday celebrators, family reunioners, all kinds of partyers, business meetingers, and retreaters.  Which "who" are you?  #comestaywithus